Firstly we thought that because organic means there is less to worry about what you are putting into your body, more people would be willing to enjoy our teas. It is said that what you choose to do and eat makes your body of tomorrow, influencing your physical and spiritual well being. That, for anyone who wishes to live unapologetically as themselves, is surely something important?

Furthermore, we believe that our persistence on being organic enhances the taste as well. Without the need for extra additives, our tea has a stronger, more pure taste and mixes well with herbs for our herbal blends. This, coupled with how Japanese green tea is processed in the factory without being washed, straight from the fields where the tea leaves are picked, and sent to our customers to be enjoyed, is a strong asset.

So all in all, being organic is an essential property for the experience we dream of providing our customers with.


Also, read how our green tea is made.

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