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Prior to starting Akebono, the CEO and founder Misato Tanaka, worked at a major Japanese corporate company. However the workload and circumstances wore her down, and it was at this point that she turned to green tea for relaxation and stress relief. Japanese green tea had been a part of Misato’s life since early childhood, having been treated to some of the best from relatives in Shizuoka, a place known for producing great tea due to being at the bottom of Mount Fuji. Also, during her time studying abroad as a university student, she realised the lack of quality Japanese green tea that could be found easily outside of Japan.

Remembering this and the ways tea had comforted her in times of need, she decided that she wanted to create quality green tea to share the taste of Japan and its benefits with those all around the world.

To turn her wishes into reality, she started by looking into different herbs and blends of teas. As well as quality green tea, she also wanted to make herb teas (mixed with green tea) for a more modern take on the traditional Japanese tea. She created this modern twist by picking specific herbs and blends to target each stress point or taste.

To ensure she achieved the best quality, Misato went to tea farms where the tea leaves are grown, harvested, and processed. Witnessing first hand these stages was a big step in her journey to make the best Japanese tea available to tea lovers across the globe.

Through Akebono, Misato hopes that those who drink the tea are able to experience quality Japanese green tea and have with them a piece of Tokyo wherever they are. Akebono can lead one on a journey to a better and healthier self starting from the inside and refreshing the outside as well.

We hope that our tea will boost your health and energy from the inside out.
Misato believes that those who drink our tea will not only feel comforted the way she was but also feel motivated to make your own wishes come true.


The tea that will be a piece of Tokyo wherever you are;
The tea that will help you find your own peace.

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