The organic Japanese green tea delivered by AKEBONO TEA is produced at a certified organic tea farm in Shizuoka. In order to ensure that the tea we deliver is made with care, we have been keenly involved in the manufacturing steps and so we wanted to share exactly how it’s done!

The carefully selected and harvested leaves have grown getting plenty of sunlight and crystal clear water, profiting from the tea farm’s location right at the bottom of Mt. Fuji. To comply with JAS organic certification regulations, the tea leaves have been cultivated in soil which has not been touched by chemical fertilisers or pesticides for at least 3 years. Such protection from agricultural chemicals has been possible thanks to our partner farm being located in an isolated area away from regular tea farms.

Organic tea leaves that have cleared such rigorous conditions make up only 2% of the tea production in Japan, its rarity making it more valuable. Within the same harvested day the leaves are passed through processes such as steaming and roasting to condense umami, with a veteran tea master using their technique and experience to subtly adjust stages.

In this way, AKEBONO TEA's Japanese green tea has been paid close attention to through all production processes. By simply pouring hot water, you can directly receive the nutrients generated from the earth.
We hope you enjoy the tea experience.


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